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[ () ] 25.09.2007, 01:54
I was only seventeen
Just a small town beauty queen
When a handsome guy
Went and got my eye
Such a sight to see

He said such a pretty face
Ought to see a far-off place
A place where eagles fly
Where mountains touch the sky
A place so wild and free

Oh, oh, oh Colorado
You got me messing with a desperado
My mamma told me I was crazy to go

Oh, oh, oh Colorado
I gave my life away with nothing to show
And now I’m living with a man and a gun
I’m just a fool on the run

All the pretty things he said
Took my heart, went to my head
But the soft guitars
The nights beneath the stars
Were a fantasy

He had such a wanted face
Wanted in most every place
I’m nothing in his hands
This devil, not the man
That’s what he lies with me

Oh, oh, oh Colorado…
Colorado (Baccara)
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